e-Court Demo - Appeal Procedure - This demo is an overview of a mock case
Upon payment of the court fee we will activate the dossiers. If this happens on/before Wednesday 12.00 noon during week 7,
your case will be submitted to the new judge. The actual procedure will commence the Monday thereafter, i.e during week 8.
A hearing will take place in week # 9 and we will let you know as soon as possible the date, location and time.
Hearing details will be in consult with judge and all relevant parties.
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  •                     APPEAL PROCESS
  • WEEK 7
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         Rob Wayne v. Jack Robinson

Response to decision of the judge ( standard procedures )

Both parties prepare for the appeal and submits their vision on the case.

e-Court prefers digitally signed Adobe Acrobat PDF files. For information
how to digitally sign PDF files please you can click here.

Response of party 1:

Response of party 2:

Judicial support:

Documentary evidence of the allegations:

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Relevant articles of law, jurisprudence and literature:

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Suggested settlement proposal:

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