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e-Court videoconference :

As the world of work grows more global and the number of remote workers continues to increase, videoconferencing is fast becoming a key skill for people. Research shows that 40% of employees across the world currently use videoconferencing, rising to 61% in China and 60% in Mexico. But conducting a successful videoconference is about more than simply switching on your camera. e-Court partners with Cisco Global Technologies and employs its own "secure" national "virtual" conference rooms.

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Through Cisco Systems' Web conferencing it is possible to share data as well as audio transmissions as part of a meeting. That data may be in the form of some sort of video, but may also include sharing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. In addition, web conferencing often includes a wider range of tools that a moderator can use to control a meeting. Unlike video conferencing, there is usually not the need for special equipment; a web conference can be attended using just about any computer with an Internet connection and a sufficient amount of resources to support the data transfer. Web conferences may include audio streaming across the Web or make use of an independent connection via a telephone line.

You need to be aware that video conferencing has a much higher bandwidth requirement than a simple video call. A typical estimate for a session with decent quality video would be 1 Mbps for each participant. If HD video quality is of importance, this as a minimal value. Now each participant also needs to have the same connectivity provisions, failing which they risk missing much of the session and also messing around with the whole collective experience. Through Cisco Global Technologies e-Court is able to offer all these basic requirements for a pleasant experience which other traditional venues may not offer.

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e-Court / Peacekeeper partners with
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