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e-Court means Social Change,
the case for it has "never" been stronger

( e-Court is also "branded" as the PeaceKeeper, click image to find out )

Does the following resonates with you for the conflict you are facing ?
"We would both be better off if we could find a way to resolve the conflict; Life is filled with compromise. We are ready to make some, but it has to be mutual; We can not afford a lawyer or the cost of going to Court; We hate it when the real issues can not be discussed openly" . View Social Change

In response, e-Court was established as Canada's Img largest online network for MEDIATION, ARBITRATION, GENERAL & LEGAL OPINION with focus on Individuals & Companies.


Forceful governor general tells lawyers, Heal thyself In stinging rebuke, Johnston says it is time legal profession regains sight of justice, public good. (source Richard Foot, Postmedia News August 15,2011 )

''Lawyers and judges are losing sight of their commitments to justice and the public good, and the profession must reform itself and rebuild the trust of ordinary citizens. We need a new model for professionalism in law, he said.'' To borrow a saying from a sister profession: physician, heal thyself. Johnston also chastised lawyers, not specifically in Canada but across the democratic world for contributing to the collapse of trust between citizens and public institutions, and the resulting social instability in many western nations today

And, like Supreme Court Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin on Saturday, Johnston said the profession must make legal services more affordable, and simple, for millions of middle-class ... READ MORE for further info.

who/what we are/do: Legal Services International Inc. filed its charter with Corporations Canada on March 29 2010 under number 7351801. The company, hereafter referred as e-Court (TM), is member of the Canada based International Court for Online Conflict Resolution which filed its charter under number 980748-9, hereafter referred as ICOCR, the world's largest O.C.R Network with operations in the following countries . The Canadian subsidiary networks with individuals, companies and the legal community who share e-Court's vision of a transparent, fast and affordable "One-Stop" Online Network for Conflict Resolution. e-Court partners with Cisco Global Technologies and employs its own "secure" national "virtual" conference rooms ( click images ).

It took our IT development team five years with an investment in excess of $3 million to develop a database which unravelled the legal complexities yet adheres to strict Canadian legal laws & mediation practices. To our knowledge there is no privately funded organization to-date which is able to match our innovative database and other structures. We can handle a minimum of #20,000 cases simultaneously. Let us show you how. Furthermore, click here ( client members ), here ( professional members ).

Justice with Prior Knowledge of Costs & Duration

e-Court Canada/PeaceKeeper offers effective conflict resolution which help parties find a negotiated solution, by listening to the parties, helping the parties re-evaluate their interests in each position, and re-framing the parties position from an "I win, you lose" situation to an "I win, you win" situation. e-Court professionals identify the issues in disputes and break disputes down into particlar issues that can be separately resolved. They perform a valuable service by managing the communication process so that everyone has an opportunity to express their views; keeping the discussion focused on the issues; and restating each party's points to the other party to make sure that each party understands the other's views. Let us show how we embrace the age of social media and ... always with Prior Knowledge of Costs & Duration.

Join as Counsellor, Mediator, Arbitrator, or Judge

We offer a stimulating ( with national & international e-Court networks ) "virtual" home/office environment without the hassles of a regulatory court. We believe that time an experienced (legal) professional, mediator, arbitrator or expert judge ( for legal opinions ) spend on a particular case is pure thinking, not paperwork ! Traditional offices do not work anymore, click HERE.

Can you help and perform Mediation, Arbitration, Counselling and/or Judicial duties in an electronic court of law ? Can you bring the parties together in an environment where parties can freely, confidentially present their position ? Can you simply help to facilitate discussion, make a just arbitrary decision or render a legal opinion which eventually resolves a dispute? Then you are the professional PeaceKeeper e-Court needs. All participating professionals are thoroughly vetted. .


Our Mission statement & what sets us apart :

Our Mission statement: e-Court Canada aims to be a champion for the consumer, achieving this by offering passionate and visionary values. These are: Value for Money: To offer honest, simple, and transparent pricing. Quality of Service: To offer services without compromising any of e-Courts values. Specifically to be professional and with unquestionable integrity. For the People: To offer conflict resolution services for everyone, not just those who can afford it. Challenging: To offer new and innovative ideas, to always push the boundaries of conventional thinking. Force for Good: e-Court would like to see itself as making a positive contribution to peoples lives and as a force for good. We will achieve these goals by : view what sets us apart

What some Members say....

"e-Court has helped to simplify the operations of our organization and is very user friendly. We are also very satisfied with the relationship our company has with e-Court and have found their entire team to be supportive and friendly. What a joy it is to offer our employees a venue to settle future labour conflicts, if they arise".
F.H : President & CEO

"We would be lost without e-Court" This modern concept has everything we need to operate our law firm without too much stress of locating files and checking the old brick and motor diary book. We certainly wish to 'embrace' the internet but always wondered in the past how to do this. Cheers to e-Court! We are thankful to have become associated".
J.M : Partner Law Firm

"Good Heavens" e-Court is just what the doctor ordered. I have looked for years to find an alternative to my costly lawyers fees until a friend alerted me about e-Court. I never thought searching files and getting timely alerts on case and appointments could be this easy. This is a must for every body. e-Court certainly offers speedy solutions with prior knowledge of expense and duration".
H.A : Law abiding Citizen

And Finally Meet Heather, Our Business Officer

Know the reasons behind our Success: "Our timing was just perfect, we recognized a real need. e-Court means democracy working in its purest form: Justice of the people, by the people, for the people". We hope to serve you Around the World"


and ... seek conflict resolution with prior knowledge of costs & duration and perhaps best of all interactive and in real time ? We even meet offline in several countries, such as Canada, USA. Then sign up via the venue for those who seek to solve their conflicts, or via the venue for those wishing to offer professional services. Please click on the following links : (1) Resolution Seekers : Individuals, Business or (2) Counsel Givers : Professionals